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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Film Review: Doomsday

Posted on by sam

Want to instantly lower my expectations? Want to make me more wary than a parent whose child has just returned from a Pete Doherty concert? Then describe your film as action packed. Continue reading »

The Life and Times of Ryan J Finnigan: Thoughts on Writing

Posted on by sam

At the opening night of an exhibition by artist Mute, a screen displayed a slideshow of photographs showing the various stages of his paintings and the process of their completion. This, in the visual arts world is not an uncommon practice. Predominantly because it is a fascinating insight into the craft and a thrilling deconstruction of final pieces often so fully formed, Continue reading »

Film Review: Paranormal Activity 2

Posted on by sam

If you’ve read my review of Paranormal Activity, Gold Star! If not, and this isn’t intended to substitute for the enjoyment that can be gleamed from reading such a well-crafted review, here’s a quick summary; I found the original Continue reading »

The Ides of March

Posted on by sam

Another Showroom cinema viewing, another film with my cool mum who never had an illicit affair with Steve Coogan, and another film starring Ryan Gosling, which means……………..

Before I go any further I need to declare a conflict of interest;
Continue reading »

X-Men:First Class

Posted on by sam

My cool mum, who didn’t once slap a nun in the face, enticed me over to the house I grew up in with promises of mummy’s patented meat loaf and a film, the meat loaf was Continue reading »

Film Review Paradise Now

Posted on by sam

Love Film has increased my allocation from three films at a time to four, which is nice. Seeing as how I keep a legion of films on my list, all at the same level of prominence (Medium), and the order I get my films sent in Continue reading »

Film Review: Mongol

Posted on by sam

Having spent nigh over a decade locked in the British education system’s history classes, I have in my arsenal an abundance of facts regarding; Nazi Germany, the events behind the problems in Ireland, The American West, turnip farming techniques Continue reading »

Film Review Ghostbusters

Posted on by sam

Ghostbusters Director: Ivan Reitman (1982) Re-visiting ones childhood is a risky business, it can turn out mummy and daddy weren’t really moving furniture late at night, everyone actually hated being together at Christmas or you haircut really did look like … Continue reading »

Film Review Vantage Point

Posted on by sam

I actually quite like Vantage Point, I don’t mean ‘like’ in The Three Musketeers sense (Which I’m now comfortable enough to officially declare as a Steampunk churned insult to cinema), but ‘like’ as in noun sense of ‘things one prefers’. That’s not to Continue reading »

Defending The Indefensible: Immigration

Posted on by sam

“Hello, where is the milk?”
“Hello, pardon thank you”
“Good day to you”
“What? I just want to know Where your milk is?”
“Thank you”…………

….and so goes the conversation Continue reading »