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Monthly Archives: December 2011

Film Review: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Posted on by sam

No matter how many times I racked my amazing brain, I could only remember two things about the first ‘Guy Ritchie does Sherlock Holmes’ film. An impressively mysterious introduction of Continue reading »

Film Review: Kick-Ass

Posted on by sam

Meanwhile, at the crappy supermarket, a big poster proclaims Rise of the Planet of the Apes to be ‘the perfect gift this Christmas’. That’s about as true as giving your loved one the severed head of a pet is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Wanting, Continue reading »

Film Review: Insidious

Posted on by sam

Insidious became the happy middle ground, that meant I could watch another, ‘bad for your head’ horror film with my possibly irradiated housemate, without having to decide if I’m ready to see Paranormal Activity 3. Continue reading »

Film Review: In the Shadow of the Moon

Posted on by sam

It’s quaint to see a film apologise for its shortcomings before I’m even halfway through reading its description. In The Shadow of the Moon takes this one better by apologising for its shortcomings in the first sentence of its description, almost proudly Continue reading »

Film Review: Attack the Block

Posted on by sam

Attack the Block (ATB), is another film chosen by my cool mum, the same cool mum who never completed Resident Evil Directors Cut on hard difficulty. This time, the film was accompanied by a classic beef in beer casserole; Hard life, hard hard life. Continue reading »

Film Review: Villa Amalia

Posted on by sam

I sacrificed one of my Lovefilm allocations for Villa Amalia, purely because I thought a girl I was seeing at the time might like it enough to sleep with me; just call me Mr Romantic. Unfortunately, it backfired, Continue reading »