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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Film Review: Moonrise Kingdom

Posted on by sam

Forgive me Showroom Cinema for I have sinned……….. Continue reading »

Film Review: Prometheus

Posted on by sam

Prometheus is one of those films that in order to elaborate my incredibly well-made, finger on the pulse, opinions on, I’ll have to do some spoiling. To avoid doing that right away, I’m mixing things Continue reading »

Film Review: Catch Me If You Can

Posted on by sam

If I were Leonardo DiCaprio, and I wrote awesome yet somehow craptastic films reviews like this one currently being read by you on the Happy Fingers Productions website, I’d sign off with the following; Continue reading »

Defending The Indefensible: Sick Day

Posted on by sam

  SICK DAY No matter how many times you do it the process of phoning in sick doesn’t get any easier. It starts from the sighs you receive over the phone when you tell them you’re “not coming in today” … Continue reading »