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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Film Review/The Rourke Factor: The Wrestler

Posted on by sam

…………Previously, in Sam’s Pretentious film reviews………..

A Chav on a train led to me reading The Metro, wherein I encountered an interview with some guy who viewed Mickey Rourke as the greatest waste of potential in his generation. Realising I knew Continue reading »

Film Review: The Master

Posted on by sam

Another film at The Showroom Cinema and another film I saw with my cool mum who doesn’t have the secret to Bruce Forsyth’s immortality tattooed on her back. Continue reading »

How to make Sugar Glass Bottles (British recipe)

Posted on by sam

It’s quite possible, especially because we absolutely suck at promotion, that you haven’t heard, but we’ve just wrapped filming on our first feature (Modern Toss, incidentally Continue reading »

Film Review: Angel Heart

Posted on by sam

Destroying any claim I ever had to being a film connoisseur in 3………..2………….1………….. I don’t know much about Mickey Rourke.

I know he was in The Wrestler, and I know he had a reputation for being a dick who pissed off the whole world, but apart from that Continue reading »

Film Review: La Casa Muda (The Silent House)

Posted on by sam

My morning quite often begins, (especially if I’m going to work at crappy supermarket) with me utterly failing to pay due care and attention while walking into the living room and stepping on something. Often this ‘something’ Continue reading »