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Monthly Archives: January 2013

Music Corner: 5 random albums that aren’t as bad as people have told you

Posted on by sam

5 random albums that aren’t as bad as people have told you.  Signing Off-UB40 (1980) What people would have you believe: Throwaway white pop Reggae for people who don’t know any better. What it actually is: Its near impossible to imagine … Continue reading »

Film Review: Five Across the Eyes

Posted on by sam

I unwrapped a fake Jewish Christmas present from my brother Nathan to discover a DVD of BOCA, Brazil’s answer to the American gangster film. ‘Thanks’ I probably said. Then I felt something else, something hidden inside the torn wrapping paper, something dangerous, flat and terrible, I tapped the wrapping Continue reading »

Film Review: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Posted on by sam

One day I’ll be well known for being a respected filmmaker (via being a part of Happy Fingers Productions) who also writes reviews, and fights crime, and is an astronaut, and spends his night drowning in pussy. It’ll be bold statements like the following that get me there…….. Continue reading »