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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Film Review: Best Laid Plans

Posted on by sam

Videogame High School Director: Someone who won’t admit it (2012) Word of advice: NEVER let the person you’re allowed to violate choose the Sunday night film. It turns out just because someone has demonstrated exquisite taste in their choice of … Continue reading »

Film Review/The Rourke Factor: Shades

Posted on by sam

Shades/The Rourke Factor: Now We’re in Decline Director: Erik Van Looy (1999) The Story so Far: I went to a Less than Jake gig (incidentally featuring The Story So Far amongst the support) and bippidy boppedy boo on the way home … Continue reading »

Film Review: Alice et Martin

Posted on by sam

Alice et Martin Director: André Téchiné  (1998) Finally I’m getting my mother fucking French back on! Sorry (Mum) for beginning with a casual swear, despite now owning a working Ipod I’m consciously trying to cut the potty language down a … Continue reading »

Music Corner: Ten Albums You Probably Haven’t Heard Because……………

Posted on by sam

Before we start I must point out that the idea of this list came from the warped mind of fellow Happy Fingers contributor James Fox. James was initially reluctant to let me steal his idea but after hours of discussion we came to an agreement. In exchange for me pinching the idea of his list, I would let him giveChlamydia to any future daughter I may have once she hits 16. Continue reading »