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Monthly Archives: June 2013

People with Happy Fingers Episode 7

Posted on by sam

Episode 7 of People with Happy Fingers can be viewed right here. This episode’s subject is Aaron McKinstrie, my youngest brother. It is slightly film related as he’s done a few moving and grooving jobs for us over the years … Continue reading »

The Sunday Film Review: Falling Down

Posted on by sam

Falling Down Joel Schumacher (1993) Joel Schumacher directed Batman Forever, a pretty decent (my opinion), if overly camp instalment in the Batman franchise. He later directed Batman and Robin, a not so great instalment that if not quite killed the … Continue reading »

The (late) Sunday Film Review: Woochi

Posted on by sam

T’was a dark and stormy night. Cuddled (in a manly way) up to the lady I’m allowed to occasionally violate, I couldn’t sleep. Normally my solution for such a problem involves turning to one of two television series. But Jonathan Creek season four is a disappointment (so far), and I’ve finished watching Continue reading »

The Sunday Film Review.Rourke Factor: Buffalo 66

Posted on by sam

Buffalo 66/The Rourke Factor: Mickey I’m starting to know ya Director: Vincent Gallo (1998) A long time ago in a Rourke Factor far far away…………. Tired of up sterling performances making me feel a fool for not knowing more (anything) … Continue reading »

The Sunday Film Review: Kids

Posted on by sam

Kids Director: Larry Clark (1995) Last week, in my exquisitely written badly constructed Star Trek Into Darkness (apparently there is no : between the title and the phrase, take that journalistic integrity) review, I introduced Sams Motherfucking Theory on Reboots. … Continue reading »

The Sunday Film Review: Star Trek: Into Darkness

Posted on by sam

Star Trek Into Darkness J. J. Abrams (2013) I’m not an expert (I’m a wannabe), but I’ve been developing a bit of a theory on why some film franchise reboots work and some go the way of Liberal Democrat pledges. … Continue reading »