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Category Archives: classics

The Sunday Film Review/ Classic: Robocop 1987

Posted on by sam

Robocop (1987) Director: Paul Verhoeven (1987) When I was but a wee one attending a primary school yet to be pillaged of hope and fairness by a hate filled yet well-spoken man named Michael Gove, I somehow ended up on … Continue reading »

The (late again) Sunday Film Review: Classic: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Posted on by sam

There aren’t that many films I’ve watched with my father who shot the sheriff but did not shoot the deputy, and know he’s enjoyed. Don’t get me wrong, there’re plenty of films he’s appreciated; The White Ribbon, Sixth Sense, Fight Club, Oldboy, to name a Continue reading »

Film Review Classic: Kes

Posted on by sam

Film Review Classic: Kes Director: The Lord and Saviour of British Film Ken Loach (1969) My cool mum, who has recently taken to ditching me for her cool friends, gave me two pieces of feedback to my The Hobbit: An … Continue reading »

State of the Union Address and Film Review Classic: Tony Scott’s Finest Hour

Posted on by sam

For a solid month, the HFP website, put together lovingly by the hard work and tears of a guy nicknamed Skel, has lain Continue reading »

Film Review Classic: Yojimbo

Posted on by sam

I’ve received two emails praising recent films reviews, actually ‘praising’ might be a bit of an exaggeration, alright, a big exaggeration, but both did Continue reading »