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The Mutinee Blog #1: What is Filmmaking to You?

Posted on by sam

What Is Filmmaking To You – A Hobbie, Passion or Career?


Filmmaking is everywhere you go, you see it through your television set, all over the internet and when friends film each other doing random or stupid things. Filmmaking is an art, an art that everyone can enjoy in as many doses as you like. You can enjoy a short clip of something funny or your can get immersed in a 3 hour long film as part of a trilogy. But what if you’re after something specific? There are hundreds of video libraries and websites that you can visit to look at any kind of film but what are you really after and where is the best place to find it?

Short funny videos: From 6 second wonders to 1 minute long cliff hangers, these type of video are for those who want a quick laugh and the videos are very easily made and distributed. You can use YouTube for this kind of clip but the best place to find this type of video is through the new trend of “Vines”. Vine videos are short and sweet and can go viral in a matter of minutes. This isn’t filmmaking at it’s finest but is a good giggle among friends or co-workers.

Short films: These can be from around 5 minutes to 20 minutes long and the aim is simple, to get the story of a normal length cinema film and cut it down to fit into a short. The stories tend to be fairly simple and non complex but still remain to have quite powerful messages. You can find all manner of short films, whether it be horror or comedy, on websites such as Vimeo or Mutinee. These websites are build around and are specifically for those with short films. They require some kind of passion and talent but not necessarily specialist equipment. Any person can make a short film, it’s all about the story and how it interacts with and grasps the audience.


Feature Films: Not necessarily all feature films will show in a cinema, quite a lot of films go either straight to DVD or are free to watch on platforms such as Netflix and YouTube. When a film gets to a certain age it becomes free to watch on freeview boxes and Sky/Virgin boxes alike, but they still make money from this. To be able to make a feature length film you need years of experience and several examples of your work to go with it. This doesn’t means to say that it cannot be done, of course if you work hard enough you can be whatever you want to be in life but if this isn’t a strong passion then there is no real point in pursuing it.

Documentaries: These can be quite fun to film but are extremely dangerous with certain animals, if you are a wildlife filmmaker. You cannot just walk into a reserve and expect to be able to film lions in their natural habitat. You need special permission to film animals unless of course you are in the open wild. Reserves have the right to stop you from filming and you cannot afford to get off on the wrong foot as they will be the ones protecting you should filming take a turn for the worse. You have to be a very strong person to be a wildlife filmmaker and a patient one too. It takes time to film animals, it is not as if you can ask them to repeat an action as they are wild and untrained animals. You can find all sorts of documentaries, not just with animals but with humans too. With this you need to be extra sensitive to peoples needs and the subject matter etc. This is the sort of job for an experienced filmmaker who has spent years studying and has a raw passion for the subjects they cover.

Written By Jade at Mutinee

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