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People with Happy Fingers Episode 6 / The Concept

Posted on by sam

Episode 6 of People with Happy Fingers is up and can be viewed over on our youtube channel righttttttttttttttttttttttttttt here.  This time we interviewed Raquel Rosabel, an actor we’ve known since our college days, topics included working with HFP, Equity, method acting, getting into the profession, medicinal opiates and what an audition with HFP is like.

Raquel Rosabel

We also realised we’ve never actually explained the concept of People with Happy Fingers, so here’s a long overdue righting of that wrong……..

People with Happy Fingers came from a desire for more content on our youtube channel, the aim being to one day have enough videos uploaded/views that we can get one of those add partnership thingamajigs and make some money.  Videos+Adverts+?=Profit . Don’t get it wrong, we still make money from the projects we do, and (hopefully) we’ll make something from our features such as Modern Toss (Next diary update coming any week now), but money from just being watched on youtube, or rather money from annoying pre-video adverts about things like Mass Effect 3 just being watched on youtube, would be nice.

The problem, as with everything we do, is whenever we try and make a video for the sake of making a video, we fail, we fail miserably, so rather than uploading any old rubbish, we racked our brains for some content that would be worth putting up. After a conversation with Jack Lee, who kindly appeared/bared his soul in People with Happy Fingers episode 5. Jack raved about The Art of Wrestling, a wrestling podcast, where wrestling personality Colt Cabana interviewed other independent wrestlers, getting their advice and opinion. After listening to a few, I thought it was a hell of a concept, (listen for yourself at http://tsmradio.com/coltcabana/) and thought we could do something similar.

Rather than simply be about film making though, we decided to go a bit deeper, or more personal, depending on how you look at it. Rather then simply be a study in film-making, we south t make more of a study of our own lives, it may not be as interesting or relevant to some, but the people we really wanted to interview/document were the people around us. For sure it’d be interesting to hear different filmmaker’s thoughts on the industry, and with episode 6 we’ve started to move into that world, but we’re more interested in documenting the people close to us, regardless of what industry they’re in. So with a connection to HFP as the tenuous link, that’s what we started doing, so far interviews have included Sam’s 96 year old Great aunt, an Aikido student, an Indian the night of his graduation day, a couple about to be married and a man with two first names.

It’s a work in progress, the format has changed a lot over time, from a significantly edited piece to a more warts and all conversation and will probably continue to do so. There’s also a lot of self-indulgent conversation in there, but still, we think they’re pretty interesting, and worth doing, so there’ll be more, and as with everything we do, you don’t have to watch, and if you do watch, you don’t have to like, so if any particular episode sounds interesting, check it out, comment, let us know what you think, or not, it’s all up to you. We still be doing what we do, making films and pretending we know what we’re doing