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People with Happy Fingers Episode 7

Posted on by sam

Episode 7 of People with Happy Fingers can be viewed right here.

This episode’s subject is Aaron McKinstrie, my youngest brother. It is slightly film related as he’s done a few moving and grooving jobs for us over the years on various shorts, donated his room for a location and once disturbed a very fine actress named Grace Fisher while she was getting into character.

But my reasons for pushing Aaron and Tom to do a People with Happy Fingers go well beyond that….

At the end of Fight Club (a film I love), Edward Norton’s character (he may or may not be called Jack) turns to Helena Bonham Carter’s character and delivers the immortal closing line, ‘you met me at a very strange time in my life’.

I can think of no one else who would be justified in using the exact same sentiment. It’s a very strange time in Aaron’s life, for one, he’s actually on good terms with both his brothers, a fact that’s not always been the case, then there’s the fact that he’s just finished university and is at a point where he has to start figuring out just what exactly he wants to waste the rest of his life doing. There’s also the arguably mundane point that he’s in a stable, and rewarding relationship, something he’s not particularly familiar with (though he shares no small part of the blame for that).

But beyond that, my youngest brother is working through some intense and really rather horrible things. This year, through varying degrees of closeness, my family has been touched by five funerals, two of them suicides.one of these suicides was a close friend of Aaron’s, and is the second friend to have had his life cut short in as many years for the young man. I’ve experienced a similar time in my life myself, and watching Aaron deal with the emotional baggage that comes with such things, is both nightmarish and heart-warming at the same time. It’s fascinating to see how the young lad whose arm I once accidently broke, has and is coping with such an experience.

Beyond that, my youngest brother, who I used to drop as a baby, and always had a grudge against because his life meant my parents couldn’t afford to get me a Nintendo, has grown into a man, and a lads lad at that.

He’s young yet old, and matured ever so slightly through circumstance, and yet he’s still at a crossroads and finding out exactly who he is. I can think of no more interesting a time in someones life to interview them.

Also, 21 years after the fact, it turns out I’m really quite fond of the moody little shit after all.

Written by Sam ‘you wish you had a brother like me’ McKinstrie

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