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People with Happy Fingers Episode 8: Mrs Hinskman

Posted on by sam

Mrs Hinskman

People with Happy Fingers episode 8 can be seen right …………………………………….. here.

This time the subject is the closest person to wonder woman I’ve ever met, Mrs Hinksman, a.k.a Tom’s mum. Tom’s mum has that unique skill, she can literally do anything she puts her mind to, and as such she’s been a constant source of help and support for Happy Fingers Productions. Far too generous and tolerant of our foolishness, I actually felt nervous about filming this one, simply because I wanted to make sure we did her justice. I think we did, you decide, anyway, it’s Tom’s mum, so by rights I should hand over to him now


So, interviewing my mum other then my general dislike for being on camera wasn’t so bad. This is an interview Sam has been asking to do for a long time since the first people with Happy Fingers. The reason it took so long is because I was very aware that I’d have to actually say something in this one. With that aside my mum is someone who should be immortalised because as Sam says she can pretty much do anything, if she cant then she knows someone who can. She has supported me both financially, emotionally and physically more than even a mother should have to and never (well rarely) complains about it. She allows me to live dirt poor supplying me with a house and food, in order to allow me to pursue the ever creative but low/no paid career I chose. She’s helped us build equipment, and props. Transport wardrobes from houses on stilts and lets us take over her kitchen on a weekly basis to be our office. So watch the video, you may like it or you may not but if for no other reason you should watch the video to help progress our film careers so that I might someday make enough money to pay her back.