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Promotional Video: Mr Personality Tattoo Studio

Posted on by sam

Our promotional video for Sheffield’s own Mr Personality Tattoo studio, located on the mean streets of Woodseats can be found here 

Cool fact, at 15 I sat in the main room, a young stoned and incredibly spotty teenager getting my nipple and lip pierced, a decade on and we’re making a promo video for them, and they even tattooed the HFP logo on my forearm, and as we all know, logo tattoos are always cool

The Personality team is headed by a force of nature in the tattoo world, Pat the Big Rockin Daddy, whose band The Sons of El Roacho’s music video version 2 can be seen here

Can’t recommend the place enough, friendly, incredible banter, well-made cups of tea, high quality tattoos and only the occasional nazi

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Mr Personality Website http://www.mrpersonality.co.uk/