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Film Review Gregory’s Girl

Posted on by sam

Gregory’s Girl

Director: Bill Forsyth (1981)

A woman with a three-legged cat leant me this film about a young Scottish lads first steps into relations, and unfortunately that’s about the most interesting thing I can think to type. It’s an old film and there’s an argument for films dating that I will accept, some films just do reflect the times they were made and you can’t hold them up to the standards of today. The Bond films are a good example of this, I love License To Kill but if any modern film had any sharks that plastic I’d demand my money back. It’s a case of just being a dated film. It’s meant to be a comedy, but the funniest thing I found was my housemate thought they were speaking a foreign language.

There in for me lies the rub, John Gordon Sinclair as Gregory is pretty entertaining, and Gregory’s a fun character, but apart from that there’s just so little in this story to really care about. With the exception of Gregory’s football coach, none of the characters show any level of depth, or do anything remotely endearing, instead they all just walk around saying the same thing over and over and over again, girls are great, you’ll get there, girl’s smell, boys smell, girls shouldn’t play football, girls are great, you’ll get there, girl’s smell, boys smell, girls shouldn’t play football, girls are great, you’ll get there, girl’s smell, boys smell, girls shouldn’t play football. There’s a weird bit about half-way in where Gregory’s trying to get a teacher to let him learn Italian, a kid dressed as a penguin walks past the door, the penguin then walks past a couple of class rooms, each time a teacher tells him to go somewhere else. That in a nut shell is the most involving scene in this film.

And the teachers, oh my god! Anyone remember Grange Hill? Well these teachers are like the opposite, they’re like immature adult versions of the kids, and there’s this weird sexual vibe, I’m pretty sure Gregory’s Italian teacher wants him and the football coach does a very strange dance with the football playing girl. I think they’re meant to be going for unity and away from the rebellious kids against adults angle, but give me an angry head teacher trying to catch Ferris over this weird free love pagan ambiance any day of the week.

I’ll try and end on a positive………………………………………….well anyone who’s ever seen me knows I have the fashion sense of a tree frog, but apparently the fashion in this film has come back around, and suits the modern day very well, so there you go, ahead of its time in terms of fashion, a waste of time in terms of viewing.

Written by Sam ‘the three legged cat was more ripped than me’ McKinstrie