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Film Review Sky Blue/Wonderful Days

Posted on by sam

Sky Blue/Wonderful Days

Director:  Kim Moon=saeng (2003)

  1.       Terminator 3
  2.       Calling sex Operation Orgasm didn’t get a laugh
  3.       In a recent poll of the crap supermarket I work at, only 3 people actually knew who Kafka was
  4.       The fact that the dwarf in the porn clip Liam Smith sent me ages ago has a significantly larger penis than I do
  5.       As I type this Gary Megson is manager of Sheffield Wednesday
  6.       No one else I’ve ever met has read Dance Dance Dance by Murakami without me lending it to them
  7.       Even after all the scandals people still actively seek to be and defend being Catholic
  8. It’s easier to get tax breaks peddling LIES (All religions but particularly scientology take a bow!) than it is making films
  9. Nick Clegg was given power
  10. Despite doing an epic skydive I remain terrified of heights
  1. I DON’T live in the world from Sky Blue/Wonderful Days!

That plus the knowledge it’s a film set in a post-apocalyptic world should give you some idea of the type of story it is; think Equilibrium meets Mad Max but the whole things animated like a drunken Akira met Final Fantasy The Spirits Within down a dark alley.

On the back of a sentence like that I best get to the plot.  We have a world that’s recovering from a great apocalypse  (In this case brought on by global warming and toxic rain)  naturally we now have two societies, a wealthy one that live a lifestyle close to before the apocalypse and the poorer one that’s lawless and only the strong survive. The Rich society rules over the poor because they have the power and the guns…………………………. and a huge fuck-off genetic city called Echobond. Echobond has massive resource issues. A masked man with experience of both sides appears, a girl who looks disturbingly like him recognises him, people argue, fight steal and shoot at each other, there’s a resistance yadda yadda yadda, formulaic debate over freedom later and we have an ending. It’s been done before animated and in live action but this is one of the more enjoyable ones.

The positives? Firstly, although there’s a dwarf character there’s no suggestion his penis is any larger than mine. Secondly it looks gorgeous; they used photographic background imagery and a bunch of guys with way better computer skills than I’ll ever hope to have to create a pretty staggering level of detail. Additionally it’s a pretty good story. Generic yes, but the characters are well rounded and you do get attached. Throw in a healthy body count and as I said before you have a pretty enjoyable dystopian future film.

Any negatives? Sure, epically long and you’ll see the ending coming after about ten minutes  but if you’ve got the time you can do a lot worse. I’d also say if you’re interested in animated film than this should be a good reference point, it’s full of weird transitions and flowing movements which I assume are needed to make a good animation. The thing I like most is that you can watch this film and just enjoy the fact you’re not one of the guys from the poorer society. Labelled Diggers (Although their job is to mine stuff not dig it up) they all demonstrate strange, ugly or huge physical appearances and spend their days beating each other up, or being set-up by the Echobond guys. They do have strip clubs though, which is nice for them I guess.

Weird note to end on, the DVD I got was named Sky Blue, but the films also named Wonderful Days on some releases, I can find no good reason for the change and am not even sure which name came first. Maybe they just wanted to try and fool people into buying two DVD’s? Anyway that’s it, the end, finished, no more.

Written By Sam ‘Two Inches Of Solid Steel’ McKinstrie