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Tag Archives: 2011

The (well late) Sunday Film Review: Paranormal Activity 3

Posted on by sam

Paranormal Activity 3 Director(s): Henry Joost and Ariel Schuman (2011) Many many many many moons ago, (16/08/2011 to be exact, I’’ve been writing these reviews no one reads for over two years, holy shit!) I uploaded a review of the … Continue reading »

Film Review: The Green Hornet

Posted on by sam

Allowing your film to be placed in a triple DVD box set alongside Kick-Ass and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, is only be describable as a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the sublime story telling of the former, and uniquely ambitious approach of the latter, are in themselves, enough to Continue reading »

Film Review: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Posted on by sam

No matter how many times I racked my amazing brain, I could only remember two things about the first ‘Guy Ritchie does Sherlock Holmes’ film. An impressively mysterious introduction of Continue reading »

Film Review: Insidious

Posted on by sam

Insidious became the happy middle ground, that meant I could watch another, ‘bad for your head’ horror film with my possibly irradiated housemate, without having to decide if I’m ready to see Paranormal Activity 3. Continue reading »

Film Review: Attack the Block

Posted on by sam

Attack the Block (ATB), is another film chosen by my cool mum, the same cool mum who never completed Resident Evil Directors Cut on hard difficulty. This time, the film was accompanied by a classic beef in beer casserole; Hard life, hard hard life. Continue reading »

The Ides of March

Posted on by sam

Another Showroom cinema viewing, another film with my cool mum who never had an illicit affair with Steve Coogan, and another film starring Ryan Gosling, which means……………..

Before I go any further I need to declare a conflict of interest;
Continue reading »

X-Men:First Class

Posted on by sam

My cool mum, who didn’t once slap a nun in the face, enticed me over to the house I grew up in with promises of mummy’s patented meat loaf and a film, the meat loaf was Continue reading »

Film Review The Three Musketeers (2011)

Posted on by sam

In the interest of not being pigeonholed a cynic, and because my therapist recommend it as an accompaniment to the blue pills, I have decided Continue reading »

Film Review Drive (2011)

Posted on by sam

I watched Drive with my mother, the same mother who got an Ipad for her birthday, chose Source Code as her birthday film and didn’t sell me as a baby to fund her postnatal crack addiction. Continue reading »

Film Review Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

Posted on by sam

Dear scientists, I accept Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease that needs to be eradicated, but please please please stop using experimental cures on animals. First there was the Deep Blue Sea debacle where sharks turned into super Dolphins, killing several scientists, a bird and Samuel L Jackson. Continue reading »