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Top 50 Albums of 2013

Posted on by sam

Top 50 albums of 2013 50: Iceage You’re Nothing (2013) It’s fucking loud this bad boy. When you hit play (do people still ‘hit’ play?) you will be treated to an assault. Not a physical one obviously, Iceage are not sadistic, but … Continue reading »

The Sunday Film Review: Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Posted on by sam

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa Director: Jeff Tremaine (2013) Recently (if this review gets uploaded on time then it’ll be last week) I realised I’d been writing these shitty reviews for over two years. Here is the sum of ‘film review’ … Continue reading »

The Sunday Film Review: Kick-Ass 2

Posted on by sam

Kick-Ass 2 Director: Jeff Wadlow (2013) Christmas 2011: a young(er) handsome wannabe indie filmmaker, working at a crappy supermarket, becomes so fed up reading propaganda declaring there would be no Christmas if he didn’t purchase an inane little film titled … Continue reading »

The Sunday Film Review: Pacific Rim

Posted on by sam

But, and that’s one of those big big big buts, the story does hurt the enjoyment somewhat. The closest film I’ve reviewed to Bottom Violation Pacific Rim was Battleship, which doesn’t sound like a bad thing, I enjoyed Battleship. The problem is Continue reading »

The Sunday Film Review: Star Trek: Into Darkness

Posted on by sam

Star Trek Into Darkness J. J. Abrams (2013) I’m not an expert (I’m a wannabe), but I’ve been developing a bit of a theory on why some film franchise reboots work and some go the way of Liberal Democrat pledges. … Continue reading »

Film Review: Stoker

Posted on by sam

Stoker Director: Park Chan-wook (2013) Another film watched at The Showroom Cinema, with the girl who, when I’m good, occasionally allows me to penetrate her. It’s hard to put into words how much I owe to Park Chan-wook  …………………………………but that’d … Continue reading »

Film Review: Wreck-It Ralph

Posted on by sam

Wreck-It Ralph Director: Rich Moore (2013) ‘I’M GONNA REVIEW IT!’ Even by todays invasive advertising standards Wreck-It Ralph has been massively massively hyped, at one point I found in order to watch the trailer on youtube (with the girl who … Continue reading »