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Top 50 Albums of 2013

Posted on by sam

Top 50 albums of 2013 50: Iceage You’re Nothing (2013) It’s fucking loud this bad boy. When you hit play (do people still ‘hit’ play?) you will be treated to an assault. Not a physical one obviously, Iceage are not sadistic, but … Continue reading »

Music Corner: Ten Albums You Probably Haven’t Heard Because……………

Posted on by sam

Before we start I must point out that the idea of this list came from the warped mind of fellow Happy Fingers contributor James Fox. James was initially reluctant to let me steal his idea but after hours of discussion we came to an agreement. In exchange for me pinching the idea of his list, I would let him giveChlamydia to any future daughter I may have once she hits 16. Continue reading »

Music Corner: 5 random albums that aren’t as bad as people have told you

Posted on by sam

5 random albums that aren’t as bad as people have told you.  Signing Off-UB40 (1980) What people would have you believe: Throwaway white pop Reggae for people who don’t know any better. What it actually is: Its near impossible to imagine … Continue reading »

Music Corner

Posted on by sam

Andrew’s Top 50 Albums of 2012  50 Miike Snow Happy to You As polished as you’d expect from a band who have written and produced for the likes of Kylie, Britney and Madonna, ‘Happy to You ‘ mixes Miike Snow’s … Continue reading »