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The (well late) Sunday Film Review: Paranormal Activity 3

Posted on by sam

Paranormal Activity 3 Director(s): Henry Joost and Ariel Schuman (2011) Many many many many moons ago, (16/08/2011 to be exact, I’’ve been writing these reviews no one reads for over two years, holy shit!) I uploaded a review of the … Continue reading »

Film Review: Insidious

Posted on by sam

Insidious became the happy middle ground, that meant I could watch another, ‘bad for your head’ horror film with my possibly irradiated housemate, without having to decide if I’m ready to see Paranormal Activity 3. Continue reading »

Film Review: Paranormal Activity 2

Posted on by sam

If you’ve read my review of Paranormal Activity, Gold Star! If not, and this isn’t intended to substitute for the enjoyment that can be gleamed from reading such a well-crafted review, here’s a quick summary; I found the original Continue reading »

Film Review Ghostbusters

Posted on by sam

Ghostbusters Director: Ivan Reitman (1982) Re-visiting ones childhood is a risky business, it can turn out mummy and daddy weren’t really moving furniture late at night, everyone actually hated being together at Christmas or you haircut really did look like … Continue reading »

Film Review Paranormal Activity

Posted on by sam

Dearest minds behind the following; Gothika, Mirrors, Blair Witch Project 2, Penance (Sorry Mr Kennedy Kennedy) The Grudge (American version), The Grudge 2, (Both versions), Dog Soldiers, Most Danny Dyer films, Mum and Dad (Film not my own), Dog Soldiers, The Childs Play franchise, Dog Soldiers and Sucker punch, will all of you please fork out several pounds/dollars/yen and watch this film. Continue reading »