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The Sunday Film Review / Rourke Factor: Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man

Posted on by sam

Rourke Factor : Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man Simon Wincer (1991) When I started the (unfortunately titled) Rourke Factor gimmick and set out on a long (I didn’t quite realise how long at first, I’ll admit) quest to review … Continue reading »

The Sunday Film Review.Rourke Factor: Buffalo 66

Posted on by sam

Buffalo 66/The Rourke Factor: Mickey I’m starting to know ya Director: Vincent Gallo (1998) A long time ago in a Rourke Factor far far away…………. Tired of up sterling performances making me feel a fool for not knowing more (anything) … Continue reading »

Film Review/The Rourke Factor: Shades

Posted on by sam

Shades/The Rourke Factor: Now We’re in Decline Director: Erik Van Looy (1999) The Story so Far: I went to a Less than Jake gig (incidentally featuring The Story So Far amongst the support) and bippidy boppedy boo on the way home … Continue reading »

Film Review/The Rourke Factor: The Wrestler

Posted on by sam

…………Previously, in Sam’s Pretentious film reviews………..

A Chav on a train led to me reading The Metro, wherein I encountered an interview with some guy who viewed Mickey Rourke as the greatest waste of potential in his generation. Realising I knew Continue reading »

Film Review: Angel Heart

Posted on by sam

Destroying any claim I ever had to being a film connoisseur in 3………..2………….1………….. I don’t know much about Mickey Rourke.

I know he was in The Wrestler, and I know he had a reputation for being a dick who pissed off the whole world, but apart from that Continue reading »