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The Sunday Film Review – Rourke Factor: Year of the Dragon

Posted on by sam

Year of the Dragon Director: Michael Cimino (1985) If you haven’t encountered them, I’ve got this whole gimmicky ‘thing’ going occasionally reviewing Mickey Rourke films. Basically I watch a Mickey Rourke film, review it, and then group said review with … Continue reading »

The (late again) Sunday Film Review: Classic: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Posted on by sam

There aren’t that many films I’ve watched with my father who shot the sheriff but did not shoot the deputy, and know he’s enjoyed. Don’t get me wrong, there’re plenty of films he’s appreciated; The White Ribbon, Sixth Sense, Fight Club, Oldboy, to name a Continue reading »

The Sunday Film Review: Falling Down

Posted on by sam

Falling Down Joel Schumacher (1993) Joel Schumacher directed Batman Forever, a pretty decent (my opinion), if overly camp instalment in the Batman franchise. He later directed Batman and Robin, a not so great instalment that if not quite killed the … Continue reading »

Film Review: The Hunger Games

Posted on by sam

The Hungers Games Director: Gary Ross (2012) A friend, yes I have one, became so addicted to reading, The Hunger Games Trilogy, she once didn’t shower before meeting me just so she could fit in, ‘a few more pages’. I spoke … Continue reading »

Film Review: Restless Natives

Posted on by sam

Now time has passed, I thought I’d take a look back at the 2011 England riots. Riots that both shook the country, and relegated my blackberry from pretentious business class tool, to the must have communicative device, no self-respecting, youth-centre-less teenage yob should be without Continue reading »