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Tag Archives: Rise of the Planet of the Apes is bad

The Sunday Film Review/ Classic: Robocop 1987

Posted on by sam

Robocop (1987) Director: Paul Verhoeven (1987) When I was but a wee one attending a primary school yet to be pillaged of hope and fairness by a hate filled yet well-spoken man named Michael Gove, I somehow ended up on … Continue reading »

The Sunday Film Review: Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa

Posted on by sam

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa Director: Jeff Tremaine (2013) Recently (if this review gets uploaded on time then it’ll be last week) I realised I’d been writing these shitty reviews for over two years. Here is the sum of ‘film review’ … Continue reading »

The Sunday Film Review – Guilty Pleasure #1 – Constantine

Posted on by sam

Constantine Francis Lawrence (2005) Question: Should you ever apologise for liking a film………………… that isn’t Rise of the Planet of the Apes? Answer: Yes, probably………… I’ve always thought Constantine was a cool little film, so much so that it still … Continue reading »

The Sunday Film Review: Les Choriste

Posted on by sam

Les Choristes Director: Christophe Barratier (2004) These days I try to avoid meeting new people whenever possible………………….. Actually it’s not just these days, I’ve always tried avoiding people, because the more I meet people the less I like people. In … Continue reading »

The Sunday Film Review: Batman (1966)

Posted on by sam

Batman (1966) Leslie H. Martinson (1966) Dunna dunna dunna na naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Holy terrible retail experience poorly constructed film review fans! When last you left (actually that’s not true, it was several reviews ago, just go with it) your compelling and … Continue reading »

The (late) Sunday Film Review: Woochi

Posted on by sam

T’was a dark and stormy night. Cuddled (in a manly way) up to the lady I’m allowed to occasionally violate, I couldn’t sleep. Normally my solution for such a problem involves turning to one of two television series. But Jonathan Creek season four is a disappointment (so far), and I’ve finished watching Continue reading »

Film Review Classic: Kes

Posted on by sam

Film Review Classic: Kes Director: The Lord and Saviour of British Film Ken Loach (1969) My cool mum, who has recently taken to ditching me for her cool friends, gave me two pieces of feedback to my The Hobbit: An … Continue reading »

Film Review: Kick-Ass

Posted on by sam

Meanwhile, at the crappy supermarket, a big poster proclaims Rise of the Planet of the Apes to be ‘the perfect gift this Christmas’. That’s about as true as giving your loved one the severed head of a pet is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Wanting, Continue reading »