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The Sunday Film Review/ Classic: Robocop 1987

Posted on by sam

Robocop (1987) Director: Paul Verhoeven (1987) When I was but a wee one attending a primary school yet to be pillaged of hope and fairness by a hate filled yet well-spoken man named Michael Gove, I somehow ended up on … Continue reading »

Film Review: Class of 1999

Posted on by sam

It’s 1999 and the American government has failed to party to the fact. Mainly that’s due to their inner city school system, which, thanks to a build-up of gang culture, they have been forced to declare neutral or ‘free fire’ zones. Such a move has left residents forced to fend for themselves in nightmarish warzones a lot like Mad Max, except with regular resupplies, and a working nightclub, and radio, and fuel, anyway the point of the…………… actually there are armoured school buses running in and out of the zones all the time as well……… anyway the point of Continue reading »